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Since  1992

Taizhou Jingyi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and rich Zhejiang Taizhou Economic Development Zone in China. It has built a factory in 98 years. After more than ten years of rain and rain, it covers an area of more than 6 square meters. It has a modern production workshop and office building, and a beautiful environment of the staff living area.

The company's equipment is mainly imported from Germany and Italy. It provides a solid platform for the production technology. Since 2006, the company has developed a novel and elegant American style furniture since 2006 with Mr. Fleming, the senior designer of the United States. According to our own unique aesthetic vision, we have adopted the superior wood, refined the fine craft, and successfully applied for the special appearance of the product. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 and 2000 quality system certification.

Since  2006

The product is rated as "quality, service and reputation" by AAA Product Quality Assurance Center. The company has been appraised as "China's excellent green environmental protection products" by China commercial development center. At the same time, the company has a very professional marketing service team. Since the product comes to the market, it has quickly owned monopoly stores in major cities all over the country, and it is quickly favored by consumers.


Our aim is "pioneering and innovating, striving for perfection, reasonable price and high quality service". Our slogan is "exquisite life, artistic life".